A Giclee is a fine art print created by using a specialized high resolution inkjet printer. Yes, a giclee is in fact an “art print” but giclee prints stand apart with their extremely high level of quality, longevity and value compared to a standard print.

All of the images offered as a Giclee are available in two sizes:

20" X 17" = $140

30" X 22" = $300

Lady in Red

Catch of the Day


Lionel Hampton

B B King

Sidney Bechet

The Sax Player


Roses on Kente

Violet Flowers on kente

Peonies on Kente

White Flowers on Kente

Daffodils on Kente

Purple Flowers on Kente

Philodendrons on Kente

Yes They Can

Yes He Would Have

No He's Not

Yes He Can (Collage)

Yes I Am


Best Friends

Man with Pipe

Motherhood #2

The Good Book

He Ain't Heavy

Motherhood #1

Bayshore Bathing Beauties


Pharoah Saunders


John Lee Hooker

Joe Kennedy Jr

Coleman Hawkins

Charlie Parker